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Told this to my calculator before every math exam I had.

Told this to my calculator before every math exam I had.

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Bout that math packet tho. #ib #mathstudies (Taken with Instagram)


Bout that math packet tho. #ib #mathstudies (Taken with Instagram)

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Warning to IB Students Everywhere:


Life outside of the “IB Bubble” is scary as crap. I’m talking about no elite advantages whatsoever. 

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dreamitwriteitcreateit asked “Watch out, the IB gamers get kind of testy. A few came after me after I said how they should really be tagging under "IB (game)". ._.”

Really? That’s insane.  We can’t even hold our own opinion?  Anyway I didn’t tag the post, so hopefully they won’t see it.

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Also Is anyone else annoyed by the IB game that has now completely taken over the IB tag?

I’m now going to just start tagging to the IBO tag instead because it’s a headache trying to find anything IB related now on the tag :/ 

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How are graduated IB students feeling now?

I’m feeling relieved and somewhat empty.  I’ve got no real structure to my life right now.  But I guess this will all change.  But I just wanted to see how you all were.

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ziasuns asked “do you have HOA notes on WWI?”

Unfortunately I don’t. Sorry! We only studied re-democratization and the Cold War and the sort in my HOA Class. OTL 

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ohmaddog asked “Ahhhhhhh you're so lucky!! I still have Spanish and bio...”

This is the one time I’m glad I took Spanish last year and that I took chem.  Some of my friends still have IB exams as well.  Eep I’m so relieved to be done!  Good luck on the rest of your exams :) 

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I am officially done with IB :D
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concealedexposure asked “Where are your notes posted? Just further down the blog?”

Yes they are

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